Breaking changes are in bold.

Version 2.0.0-M4

Detailed diff can be found on GitHub.

All modules

All Macroid modules now reside in the same repository and take advantage of a unified build setup. Note that commit history has been rewritten to include references to the relevant modules in the commit messages.


  • mapUi, flatMapUi, etc now receive UI actions
  • IDs inside fragments are now hidden from outer search #31
  • Fixed wrongfully eager evaluation of RichOption#|, Ui#~ and dialog event handlers
  • FragmentApi is now contravariant in A #33
  • Fixed unused dialog theme parameter
  • Not just a List, but any TraversableOnce is an Effector #47 (thanks Fernando)
  • Generalized typeface tweak #53 (thanks Sean Griffin)
  • toast now supports resource IDs besides plain strings #51 (thanks Sean Griffin)
  • New tweaks for TextView#setHint #49 (thanks Sean Griffin)
  • Added aliases for l, w and f #32
  • Added side-based media queries #29
  • New contrib tweaks


  • Package changed to macroid.akka, artifact changed to macroid-akka


  • Added Listable#addFillView

Version 2.0.0-M3

Detailed diff can be found on GitHub.

  • Macroid is now packaged in AAR
  • ExtraTweaks were refactored into TextTweaks, ImageTweaks, etc
  • macroid.util.Ui is now macroid.Ui for consistency with macroid.Tweak, macroid.Snail, etc
  • When applying Future[Tweak[View]], completed futures are now handled in-place (inspired by scala/async#73)
  • Added RuleRelativeLayout to work with RelativeLayout #24
  • TextTweaks.medium and TextTweaks.large no longer affect style/color of the text
  • Many new tweaks were added to macroid.contrib

Version 2.0.0-M2

Detailed diff can be found on GitHub.

  • Operator overhaul #23
  • Remove showProgress tweaks
  • Layout extractor moved to Transformer.Layout
  • Added dialog(items)(handler) constructor #21
  • Added AutoLogTag trait #20
  • Improved implicitNotFound annotations