Getting adaptive

As Android devices vary greatly in sizes and shapes, we often want to adapt out layouts accordingly. Say, we want to make our LinearLayout horizontal when the screen is in the landscape orientation. In Macroid this can be achieved with so-called media queries:

layout <~ (landscape ? horizontal | vertical)

Here landscape is one of the standard media queries available in macroid.FullDsl or macroid.MediaQueries. Examples of other media queries are hdpi, ldpi, widerThan(200 dp), maxHeight(300 dp) and so on.

We are going to incorporate this into our layout more elegantly by defining a helper tweak:

object OurTweaks {
  // the new helper
  def orient(implicit ctx: ContextWrapper) =
    landscape ? horizontal | vertical
// in layout
) <~ OurTweaks.orient

As you can see, this approach is much more flexible than Android’s multiple resource folders, because we are able to define custom adaptive pieces and compose them together.